How to Become a Professional Hairstylist

Are you thinking of getting into hairstyling? You have the talent, but still trying to figure out how to make it a big thing. Just like any art, hair styling can be fun, especially when you are fond of it. But just like any other profession, doing it for money requires that you learn a variety of skills needed to handle all the challenges that come with it. If you want to make your hairstyling career lucrative, here are some few tips that will guide you.

Sign up for hairstyling classes

Talent is not enough to make your hairstyling dream come true. Keep in mind; hairstyling doesn’t only involve plaiting hair. You will be required to apply hair coloring, waves, cutting as well as shampooing, and there is no better place to learn all this than taking hairstyling lessons. So, if you want to earn some credibility, take hairstyling classes. More often, getting an associate degree in hairstyling takes only two years. Also, most classes offer a variety of lessons that your clients might need such as manicuring, skin care as well as salon management.

Get a state board license

Hairstyling is not different from any other business. In fact, all states require that all hairstylist businesses have a license. Most often you will be required to complete a licensing program as well as cosmetology. Remember, the last thing you want is making your business illegal by conflicting with the authorities. If you want to enjoy your hairstyling career, make it legal. Make a connection with your local state licensing board and apply for a license.

Look for a job experience

As mentioned earlier, talent is never enough. You need to have the experience, and you can’t achieve that by just sitting around and hoping that clients will come to you. Look for a job in your local salons. You might also try nursing care institutions and resorts. Also, if you don’t have enough capital to start your business, getting employed can help you save some money or even make you eligible for loans. And with all the experience you’ve gained by working, you can easily open your salon, train other hairstylists and grow your business.

Market yourself

There are many clients out there who are looking for talented hairstylists they can trust with their hair. One fact is, they won’t know that you have the capability if you do not market yourself. The good thing about today’s marketing is that it doesn’t require large sums of money. Open social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Learn from the best yoga for fat loss Next, take pictures of some great hairstyles you’ve created, post them on any social media account and market yourself. Remember always to check to see if there is some response from the interested potential client and respond faster.

Research on the latest hair trends

Your hairstyle teacher will only take you through the basics of hairstyling and what has always been there. When you open your hairstyling business and you market yourself as the best in town, people approaching you will expect no limits. If you’ve been keen enough, you might have realized that many individuals out there are doing everything they can to look like other famous celebrities. They will copy everything from hairstyle to clothing. So, keep learning whether you are in class or outside. Check into Google, find the latest trends and see if you can create them.

Keep in mind:

  • Attend trade shows – A trade show is a great place to meet with other hairstylists and learn new things. So, if there is one being held near you, make sure you are the first one to attend.
  • Be flexible – Not all your clients will be able to make it to your salon when you are free. Most often, your time and theirs will conflict. So, find out from each of your loyal clients what time works best for them.
  • Create business cards – When you visit places you will meet with people and probably, some of them will be interested in what you do. Giving them a business card will remind them of you when they want to do something to their hair. So, create some.


Hairstyling is a great career, especially if you have the talent. But talent alone won’t get you at the top. So, research the requirements of a professional hairstylist, take classes, make it legal and most importantly, use all the tips above.